Anarat – Fire, Orcs, Warfare, Alchemy
An enormous scarred and muscled orc with deep red skin, he is always depicted holding a smiths hammer in his right hand, and a burning torch in his left.

Deos – Aether, Humans, Psionics, Knowledge
A large human male resplendent in golden armour, his face covered by a plain white mask.

Elt – Air, Eladrin, Natural Disasters, Life
An androgynous Eladrin child with wild streaming hair clutching a wooden staff, he is often depicted surrounded by saplings, or falling leaves.

Jivya – Darkness, Abberations, Change, Chaos
Rarely depicted at all, but when he is it is as a seething mass of tentacles and eyeballs.

Nui – Water, Halflings, Avarice, Travel
A smirking halfling woman with blue skin and ankle length green hair. Both her eyes and lips are golden.

Morrigu – Death, Crones, Curses, Contracts
A wizened old human woman clad all in black, with a mouth full of pointed teeth. She is never depicted without a crow upon her shoulder.

Undray – Earth, Dwarfs, Family, Craftsmanship
A heavily pregnant dwarven woman with her hair in a tight bun, she is always wearing an apron adorned with tools.


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